Laura Laird of Pasadena, Maryland is another newcomer to the festival, where she’ll be selling her magazine collages. Usually using a photograph for inspiration, she’ll create a sketch then use parts of magazines to create her pieces. It can take between 30-40 hours to create a 16-by-20-inch collage.

She primarily sells her products on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods. But attending the festival will provide a different perspective for Laird and her potential customers.

When she sets up her booth, she’ll bring a piece she is working on of a Bermuda landscape. She is looking forward to the opportunity to talk about her craft to those who stroll by.

For Laird, who started her part-time artist business about two years ago, it’s the first time she’s taking part in an outdoor show. She was impressed by the longevity and reputation of the Arbutus festival.

”To me, that says it’s a pretty successful show,” she said. “It just looked like a fun event.”
— Baltimore Sun, 5/12/16