Time lapse video of my latest magazine collage. 

Magazine Collage Art

The inspiration for my collages is derived from nature. Everything about the natural world - the sights, sounds, smells, and textures - stirs me to create. A favorite subject is Sanibel Island, Florida.

An 16 x 20 inch collage usually takes anywhere from 30-40+ hours to create, depending on the level of detail. First I determine the subject for a piece, often using my original photographs as inspiration. Next, I do a pencil sketch on canvas board. The next step is to decide on a color palette, and start going through stacks of magazines to find the colors, shades, and patterns I need. Then I start cutting and gluing, overlapping and layering. There is always a certain point in the process where the piece takes over and guides me where to go. It is at that point where I find it hard to stop and often continue working on it throughout the entire night. 

Professional prints are available in my store.  If you are interested in purchasing an original, or commissioning a custom piece, please contact me for prices.