Artist Statement 


A lifelong artist at heart, I've dabbled in various mediums through the years. However, it is with magazine collage that I feel I have finally found a unique voice. My style developed organically and effortlessly, which told me that I was on the right path. 

Any successful collage begins with a well thought-out design concept. I enjoy the research and information gathering process almost as much as I do the actual hands-on creation of the piece. There has to be some aspect or element of a project that excites me. Once I am able to make that connection, everything just naturally flows from there.  

The inspiration for my art most often comes from nature. Everything about the natural world - the sights, sounds, smells, and textures - stirs me to create. Having grown up near the Chesapeake Bay, and little more than 2 hours from the Atlantic Ocean, I have always felt a connection to the sea. That connection is reflected in many of my current collages. But I also love the vibrant autumn colors of the trees in New England, the desert landscapes of Arizona, and the rolling hills of West Virginia, so these vistas will all inspire future works.